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We uncovered a 36,000 tax credit that our CPA missed. Kylie W., San Francisco

A 5,000 dollar award allowed us to upgrade our equipment. John F., Clearwater

It’s refreshing to be seen as a business instead of a credit score. Kendra S., Austin

A 15,000 dollar grant let us survive Covid when the bank couldn’t help. Alice O., Dallas

Receiving a 7,500 dollar grant helped me launch my studio. Sophia G., Santa Fe

Finding a 20,000 dollar grant transformed our business. Rodney J., Denver

I was surprised how many funding alternatives exist for entrepreneurs. Leah H., Buffalo

I love the ease of searching alternative financing opportunities with iTrova. Alex F., Cincinnati

My process with iTrova took about five minutes. I found several opportunities right away. Easy to use and something all business owners should try before taking a loan. Jenna M., Salt Lake City

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